Queen Sugar  Co-star/ Theresa Coleman Rachel Ramist
Rectify  U5/ Woman Ray McKinnon
Louie   U5/ Tarese’s Sister Louis C. K.
SWAG  Mother/ Pilot Table Read Michael A. Pickney
Wendy Williams Promo  Dentist Patient Chris Strand
My Momma Throws Down Promo   Guest Star/ Momma TV One/ Chris Brignola
Maury Povich   Principal/ Call Girl Don McSorley
Black Girls Rock Promo  Teacher BET/ Maurice Maribel
Secret Solutions   Co-star/ Model Kathryn Sutton


Top Five  Woman on the Street #2 Chris Rock/ Scott Rudin
Support Group  Scripty Jenna Kannell
Unmask  Guest Naz Pankey
Chips Off the Block   Supporting/ Mother Joe Hood
Lightening in a Bottle  Pam Dave Wappel
Diary of a Mulatto Bride   Supporting/ Office Worker Juliette Fairley
The Intruders   Supporting/ Police Officer Yun Liang
Corporate Training Emotional Intelligence   Lead/ Mother Jim Porter


Conflicts available on request 


Senorita Rosa's Dream Salon   Judith & Mother Mark A. Shelton
Night of the Creeps   Amica Grex Group Theatre
Hey Picasso   Fessy Playsmiths
Play³ (A Theatrical Experiment)  Angry Black Woman Chrysta Naron
It's Complicated  Journey Gary King/ Miles Maker
Happy Hour   Beat Up Mike Horn


Found Objects  Various characters Amanda Rountree
Dark Side of the Room   Guest Performer John Carr
Campfire  Various characters Amanda Rountree
Melting Pot  Various characters Mark Kendall
Superconductor  Ensemble Amanda Rountree/ Highwire
Wanted: Dead or Atlanta Sketch Show  Various characters Tom Rhoads/ Highwire
HEELS Sketch Show  Various characters Casey Holloway/ Sketchworks
Battle Axe Improv Show  Various characters Tommy Futch/ Dad's Garage
Bridges and Tunnels Sketch Show  Det. Richmond/ Sgt. Alaska Kate Sidley/ The Pit
Improvisation News   Company Scotty Watson
Lucille Balls Out Sketch Show   There You Are/ Rocky 8 Scotty Watson
He Loves Me Not Sketch Show   Pizza Manager Michael Coyne
HAHalloween Sketch Show   Zombie/ Facebook Ranter Israel Savage
Finding Love in the 21st Century Improv & Sketch Show   Reporter/ Panhandler Scotty Watson
Captain Subtlety   Ensemble/ UCB Anthony Atamanuik


GPS Command Voice Recognition   Native Georgia Speaker Julian Beeston


Meisner  Drama Inc. Erin Burns
Improv & Sketch  Highwire/ Dad's Garage Kendall, Rountree, Roads
Improv & Sketch  Upright Ciitizens Brigade Atamanuik, Frusciante, McGuire
Improv & Sketch  Improvistation News Scotty Watson/ Second City
Film 1   Alliance Theatre Allison Gardener
On Camera Audition Technique   Coach Roz Coleman, Aleta Chappelle
Fearless Cold Reading Audition Technique   Atlantic Acting School Karen Kohlhaas
Acting Technique-On-Camera   Chris Lutkin Weist Barron
On Camera Commercials   Batt Johnson, Tod Engle Weist Barron
Scene Study   Michael Beckett HB Studios


Terminal B   Principal/ TSA Agent Barbara Charles Berlepsch
The Onion News Pulitzer PSA  Principal/ Nurse Grant Jones
The Onion News   Principal/ Thrust Yourself/ Model Sam West
Dental Emergencies  Co-Star/ Nurse Janelle Montgomery/ Smile-On
The Downtown Girls   Supporting/ Homeless Lady Kevin Walker
The Walking Dads  June Landis Mike Sokol
T-Harmony Spoof  Pearl David McIntyre

Special Skills

Sketch Writing, Improv, Southern Accent, Gourmet Cooking, Painting, Drawing, Freestyle Dancing, Lip-Syncing, Waitress, Flare Nose on Cue, Associates Degree in Graphic Design, Driver's License, Production Assistant, First AID and CPR Certified  


U.S. Passport, Tattoo, Cooking Equipment, Make-Up, Nanny, Lab Coat  

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