Wanted: Dead or Atlanta Sketch Show

April 14, 2017

What happens when a bunch of crazy characters come together and lose control. There were guns, pirates, pills, blood and of course The Mafia!

HEELS Sketch Show

October 6, 2016

All female sketch show starring women and directed by a woman!

The He Loves Me Not Show

February 9, 2013

Improvisation News.Com monthly Sketch & Improv Show. Flyers designed by yours truly. My sketch Stupid for Cupid is in this show! http://improvisationnews.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&Itemid=41&id=1040

My First Improv Sketch Show

October 13, 2012

Saturday, 10/13/12, 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Tickets: Visit ImprovisationNews.com or http://bit.ly/QXn8bW
$13.00 online, $15.00 at door

Where: Triple Crown Ale House / Underground Theater/330 7th Avenue, @29th St. / New York, NY

Trains: Take the A, C, 1, 9, 2 or 3 train to 34th, walk South to 29th, then East to 7th Avenue.

Diary of a Mulatto Bride

September 29, 2012

On set playing a VERY catty co-worker with a bad habit of gossiping too much.

The NYC Improv Mixer

July 6, 2012

Come and see me every Saturday perform with my improv troupe, The In-Team sponsored by improvisationnews.com.
We are a NYC improvisation & sketch comedy team that specializes in bringing under-reported news headlines to life. Join in on the fun and bring in your own under-reported news articles and watch magic happen right before your very eyes.

Get the deets below:


Sweaty Pocahontas Improv Show

April 8, 2012

Just wrapped up my first improv show and it was amazing to be on stage with my cast mates all revved up and ready to go. The lights and laughter from the crowd made our performance that much sweeter. I can't wait to do my first Harold show cause you know that's next. Stay tuned!!

25 Things You Did Not Know About Me

April 7, 2012

1. I am quite shy.
2. Lightening terrifies me.
3. I am an aquarius and my favorite color is turquoise.
4. I almost drowned at Coney Island when I was 3.
5. My collard greens are to die for..
6. I dream of one day opening a bakery and selling nothing but lemon cupcakes.
7. I am allergic to basically everything except food, go figure.
8. I despise raisins and anything with squash in it.
9. I went to catholic school for 12 years.
10. I ran over someones mailbox the first day I got my license.
11. I have a tattoo of a face inside a sun on my right calve.
12. I collect stacking dolls.
13. I am the worst the singer but pretty good at lip syncing
14. A good day for me is watching a Golden Girls marathon in my pjs.
15. A great day for me is sleep.
16. I often have full blown conversations with myself.
17. I am afraid of heights and I hate roller coasters.
18. I want to buy back every single toy that I had when I was a kid.
19. Huge fan of zombie movies and video games.
20. Bio Shock is my favorite video game of all time.
21. Maude is my favorite TV show.
22.Most of the music I listen to is from the 70s.
23. People always tell me I am funny and I should do stand up but I never will.
24. I would love to work with Laura Linney, Gary Oldham and Alec Baldwin.
25. If I wasnt acting I would be a painter or a fashion illustrator.

Logo I designed for casting director Wendy McKenzie

January 10, 2012


Louie: Season 1, Episode 10

August 4, 2010

Louis attempts to branch out. Louis visits the dentist and hooks up w/ Tarese's sister played by the fabulous Bonita Elery.

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