PortraitI'm one actress to keep on your radar. Born and raised in the south, I knew at an early age that I was destined for stardom. My fun loving, comedic personality was discovered at a young age. I knew that the countless hours spent in front of a mirror, welding a hairbrush as a microphone and a donning towel as a wig, would definitely pay off. My place was to be in front of a camera, shining in the spotlight and brainstorming ideas behind the scenes.

After graduating from the Art Institute of Atlanta, I worked as a graphic designer for Fox News in Atlanta, Georgia. After a successful experience in the corporate world, my dreaming expanded to new heights, and I wanted to pursue something bigger. It was time to move and pursue personal endeavors. I sold my house, stepped out on faith, and moved to New York City to fulfill my dreams. After wringing everything I could out of an acting class, I caught the acting bug. From that point, I knew that entertaining others was exactly my dream, and that I could do this for the rest of my life.

When I'm not seducing Louis C.K or asking Wendy Williams HOW YOU DOING, you can catch me performing improvisation and sketch in several venues throughout the city.


Television One of the best night of my life was attending the premiere of the Louis Show. I got to walk the red carpet and had a blast on set. Louis was a sweetheart to work with I would love to get the chance to work with him again in the future.

Film Working on the set of Chris Rocks Top 5 was so cool. He really is the king of comedy!!

Stage Every week I get to perform MAGIC with the some of the most talented actors, sketch writers and improvisers in the city. DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE!!!!!

Commercial Watch my promo for My Momma Throws Down and you will be quickly reminded of why I'm such a great comedic actor. I'm known for keeping the cast and crew in stitches when I shoots anything. My improvisation skills is why my Wendy Williams promo was such a success.

Training I always puts my heart and soul into everything I do and class is no exception. One can never stop learning in this business and that is why I continue to surround myself with the most talented people who enjoy honing on their craft as much as I do.


Height: 5' 9"   Weight: 226
Hair: Brown   Eyes: Brown

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