Rectify  Woman Ray McKinnon
Louie   Co-Star/ Tarese’s Sister Louis C. K.
SWAG  Mother/ Pilot Table Read Michael A. Pickney
Wendy Williams Promo  Co-Star/ Dentist Patient Chris Strand
My Momma Throws Down Promo   Guest Star/ Momma TV One/ Chris Brignola
Maury Povich   Principal/ Call Girl Don McSorley
Black Girls Rock Promo  Co-Star/ Teacher BET/ Maurice Maribel
Secret Solutions   Guest Star/ Model Kathryn Sutton


Top Five  Woman on the Street #2 Chris Rock/ Scott Rudin
Unmask  Guest Naz Pankey
Chips Off the Block   Supporting/ Mother Joe Hood
Lightening in a Bottle  Pam Dave Wappel
Diary of a Mulatto Bride   Supporting/ Office Worker Juliette Fairley
The Intruders   Supporting/ Police Officer Yun Liang
Corporate Training Emotional Intelligence   Lead/ Mother Jim Porter


Conflicts available on request 


Senorita Rosa's Dream Salon   Judith & Mother Mark A. Shelton
Night of the Creeps   Amica Grex Group Theatre
Hey Picasso   Fessy Playsmiths
Play³ (A Theatrical Experiment)  Angry Black Woman Chrysta Naron
It's Complicated  Journey Gary King/ Miles Maker
Happy Hour   Beat Up Mike Horn


Superconductor  Ensemble Amanda Rountree/ Highwire
Wanted: Dead or Atlanta Sketch Show  Various characters Tom Rhoads/ Highwire
HEELS Sketch Show  Various characters Casey Holloway/ Sketchworks
Battle Axe Improv Show  Various characters Tommy Futch/ Dad's Garage
Bridges and Tunnels Sketch Show  Det. Richmond/ Sgt. Alaska Kate Sidley/ The Pit
Improvisation News   Company Scotty Watson
Lucille Balls Out Sketch Show   There You Are/ Rocky 8 Scotty Watson
He Loves Me Not Sketch Show   Pizza Manager Michael Coyne
HAHalloween Sketch Show   Zombie/ Facebook Ranter Israel Savage
Finding Love in the 21st Century Improv & Sketch Show   Reporter/ Panhandler Scotty Watson
Captain Subtlety   Ensemble/ UCB Anthony Atamanuik


GPS Command Voice Recognition   Native Georgia Speaker Julian Beeston


Improv & Sketch  Highwire/ Dad's Garage Kendall, Rountree, Roads
Improv & Sketch  Upright Ciitizens Brigade Atamanuik, Frusciante, McGuire
Improv & Sketch  Improvistation News Scotty Watson/ Second City
Film 1   Alliance Theatre Allison Gardener
On Camera Audition Technique   Coach Roz Coleman, Aleta Chappelle
Fearless Cold Reading Audition Technique   Atlantic Acting School Karen Kohlhaas
Acting Technique-On-Camera   Chris Lutkin Weist Barron
On Camera Commercials   Batt Johnson, Tod Engle Weist Barron
Scene Study   Michael Beckett HB Studios


Terminal B   Principal/ TSA Agent Barbara Charles Berlepsch
The Onion News Pulitzer PSA  Principal/ Nurse Grant Jones
The Onion News   Principal/ Thrust Yourself/ Model Sam West
Dental Emergencies  Co-Star/ Nurse Janelle Montgomery/ Smile-On
The Downtown Girls   Supporting/ Homeless Lady Kevin Walker
The Walking Dads  June Landis Mike Sokol
T-Harmony Spoof  Pearl David McIntyre

Special Skills

Sketch Writing, Improv, Southern Accent, Gourmet Cooking, Painting, Drawing, Freestyle Dancing, Lip-Syncing, Waitress, Flare Nose on Cue, Associates Degree in Graphic Design, Driver's License, Production Assistant, First AID and CPR Certified  


U.S. Passport, Tattoo, Cooking Equipment, Make-Up, Nanny, Lab Coat  

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